Pet Peeves

Perhaps calling this posting "pet peeves" is a misnomer.  It should actually be called "Proper Radio Usage".  It will be a list of things that range from just annoying to outright driving me to drink.  I'll be adding items as they come to me so please check back from time to time.  This list is not in any particular order.  So enjoy and maybe, just maybe learn something.  Using a little common sense will make this great hobby more enjoyable for you and others. 
1. At the completion of a QSO please don't say 73's.  The proper way to do it is by saying 73.  When holding a conversation with someone outside of radio you don't say good byes, you say good bye.  73's is so Citizens Band, oops did I say that out loud?
2. Please, please, please, when using PSK-31 don't use full power.  PSK-31 is very unique, you only need a few watts to talk to the world.  Most people use about 30 watts and as high as 50.  When using 100 watts and yes even higher power (you know who you are) all your doing is taking up so much bandwidth all other stations just disappear.  I personally use only 30 watts and have received 599 reports from all over the world.
3. When you want to call CQ on a frequency please listen first.  I don't mean listen for 5 seconds and assume the frequency is clear.  Give it a minute or so then ask if the frequency is clear.  As we all know some of us are real rag chewers and it's nothing for some of us to go on for several minutes without tacking a breath.  Remember a station maybe out of your range could be holding a QSO with someone nearby.