My Davis Vantage Vue

For the past couple of years I’ve owned the Acu-Rite weather station. $70 at Lowes and as they say you get what you pay for. It was OK as long as the wind speed didn’t go above 10 mph.

I have the best XYL in the world. She says that my radio hobby is a waste of time and money but in the end she always comes through.

She knows I enjoy checking in every morning with the NorCars net. To my surprise for my birthday she got me a Davis Vantage Vue weather station and I just love it. It keeps track of just about everything the amateur weather watcher needs.

If your looking for a weather station that won’t break the bank this one is for you. It’s a step down from the Davis Vantage Pro but you know what, I like it even better. It’s a bit smaller and the only thing that it doesn’t have is the Pro’s digital banner on the bottom of the screen. It’s also about 250 bucks cheaper then the Pro. 250 bucks? That sounds like a new mobile rig, only kidding dear!