Is ET Amoung Us?

If you look at my site, you’ll see that I like to play with the thought of extra-terrestrials. The debate about whether we have been visited has been going on since man first looked up to the stars. Crop circles, some will say is proof of ET’s existence. Personally I believe that is just dumb. If a civilization has the technology to come to Earth they certainly don’t need crop circles to show them where to land.

Another speculation is that aliens helped our ancestors build the Great Pyramids and other unexplainable building projects that are thousands of years old. Okay, it is hard to believe that we built those things with the technology of the day. In fact many of them would be extremely difficult to do even today.

Non believer’s first argument is, if we are being visited, why don’t they just land in the Rose Garden of the White House, pop open the hatch and say "We’re here". Well lets look at that for a moment. Any visiting being would be far more intelligent then us and probably wouldn’t think we are ready to be told that we are not the center of the universe. People would be scared to death and panic would arise. Unfortunately, our first instinct is to kill or destroy what we don’t understand. Now would you want to expose yourself to that?

Now for what I think is possible is recognized by most in the ET biz, and that is that we are being visited and have been for thousands of years. I’ll take it a step further, I know I’m going to lose most of you with this but I think that humans are not indigenes to this world but we are settlers from another world and that makes us the aliens.

If my idea is true where’s the absolute evidence? Sorry but there is none but then again there probably wouldn’t be. It’s quite possible that we have had rise and falls of intelligent civilizations countless times here on Earth. The falls could have been caused by wars, disease or natural disasters. Science has all but proven that with the absents of human intervention that it only takes centuries for nature to completely wipe out any evidence of cities or technologies.

With all that said it could be complete bull but I’m a big believer that anything is possible and all ideas are valid until absolutely proven otherwise.